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Growing up playing sports, I’ve done a ton of polymetric, agility training. While I still do those, I’ve shifted a lot towards bodybuilding. 


Fitness and sports has changed my life for the better. It kept me from hanging with the wrong crowd because I fell in love with trying to become the best version of myself at that moment. Trying to become the best baseball player/basketball player. And now the best trainer I can be. 



Consistently being a student of the game Whether it’s sports or bodybuilding is what has kept me in love with the journey. Throughout the years I’ve had great mentors who have shaped me into being who I am today and now it’s my turn to help pay it forward by helping those who are willing to learn. 

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I started this fitness journey thinking I would do it alone with my friend. I signed up to NWFITCO to lose weight and become healthier. When signing up for nwfitco I also signed up for the Get Your Fit Together Program. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. The GYFT program introduced me to my trainer Vince. I had never worked with a personal trainer before this. I was nervous to start training with Vince because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do what he wanted me to do. But he made me feel comfortable and encouraged me every step of the way. He also showed me I could do exercises I never thought I could do and he pushed me to do more. Thanks to the help of Vince, I have lost 22 pounds since the start of GYFT and I have gained strength & confidence.

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