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"fitness can be fun!"


Hi, I'm Keoni! I'm a firm believer in staying positive: every day I come in with a good attitude because I love doing what I do! After almost two years of training, I'm just as in love as when I started. Yes, there are incredible health benefits that come with exercise but for me the most fulfilling part of my job is being able to enable my clients to live their lives to the fullest.

Playing basketball, track and football helped me gain a diverse understanding of intentional training, the mechanics of the body, and how to stay healthy and functional year-long. I got very acquainted with the process of refinement. You start in one place and are a completely different person by season end, it's an incredible feeling. I bring that same drastic improvement and confidence to my clients every day. Work with me and you'll fall in love with the process, not just the final result.

In my free time I enjoy spending quality time with my kids at the beach, making music and eating new foods! 

Days Worked: Monday-Friday

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tony c.

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My journey with weight loss has been difficult, but having a coach like Keoni has made it so much better: He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. When we first began working together, I struggled greatly with anxiety and panic disorder. Keoni helped me conquer my mental hurdles first, then my physical! Our slogan is: “Screw Fear!" Keoni inspired me to become the best version of myself and that is what I am well on the road to becoming!! I started this journey on 9/15/2021 weighing 295 pounds. As of 2/15/22, I weigh 209! None of this would have been possible without the guidance and motivation from my Coach Keoni!! I owe him a lot. Keoni is someone that I absolutely recommend for anyone that is looking for assistance on their gym journey!!


I've been a member at the NWFITCO for about 5 months now. When I signed up, I was paired with Keoni. I'm not completely sure how they knew he would click with me so well, but we clicked immediately. We wrote down my goals and made a personal plan for me. Quickly my fitness goals became his goals. He is awesome at being accommodating while still pushing me to my absolute limit. He makes gym terminology easy to understand, and I couldn't ask for anyone better. His positive attitude and pure excitement for fitness has helped me completely transform my mind and body. When I'm struggling, he is right there to motivate me to continue on. Even when I'm at home, I make the right decisions because I know Keoni will be disappointed if I don't follow through. Needless to say - I've crushed my fitness goal and I definitely couldn't have done it without him! I still have training sessions left and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to meet their goals.

skyler c.


I first began my fitness journey in August of 2021 but it wasn’t until October that I was paired with Keoni. I had made some progress with my weight loss prior to working with him but it wasn’t until I trained with him that I really started to see change: both physically and mentally.


What I admire and respect most about Keoni is his commitment to his clients. He works so hard to give all of his clients the tools they need to be successful. Keoni tailors our workouts to help me meet my goals - he's always willing to make adjustments for my ability level, yet still pushes me to have confidence in myself and my skills.


Since working with Keoni, I have lost 13 lbs. of fat and gained 6 lbs. of muscle. I definitely have Keoni to thank for helping me reach many of my goals. I can’t sing enough praises - what he has done for me is hard to sum up with just words. I look forward to continuing our training sessions together and would recommend his expertise to anyone wanting to pursue personal training.

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