"fitness can be fun!"

Hi, I'm Keoni! I'm a firm believer in staying positive: every day I come in with a good attitude because I love doing what I do! After almost two years of training, I'm just as in love as when I started. Yes, there are incredible health benefits that come with exercise but for me the most fulfilling part of my job is being able to enable my clients to live their lives to the fullest.

Playing basketball, track and football helped me gain a diverse understanding of intentional training, the mechanics of the body, and how to stay healthy and functional year-long. I got very acquainted with the process of refinement. You start in one place and are a completely different person by season end, it's an incredible feeling. I bring that same drastic improvement and confidence to my clients every day. Work with me and you'll fall in love with the process, not just the final result.

In my free time I enjoy spending quality time with my kids at the beach, making music and eating new foods! 

Days Worked: Monday-Friday

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