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A Sit Down With The GYFT Champ: Jeralee!

During the 90 day GYFT 2 Challenge, Jeralee managed to drop 27.1 lbs (15.12%) as part of team Shan Shan! This mother of 4 stayed consistent and put in the daily work: she's now $500 richer and the proud owner of our first-ever GYFT Championship Belt! We sat down with Jeralee and Shan Shan to find out exactly what it takes to be a champion.

It's good to see you Jeralee! why don't you introduce yourself to our readers?

Well I'm 30 years old, married, I have 4 kids that I homeschool...and I go to the gym a lot!

I think I started working with Shan Shan in June, right before GYFT started, I wanted to learn how to exercise properly and use more machines.

Shan Shan, what's your favorite part of working with Jeralee?

Every time we work together we see progress: her attitude is awesome!

She's able to do so much more than when she started, her confidence has grown so much. She's excited to come into the gym now which wasn't the case when we first started *laughs*

Jeralee, What's been your mindset as you've moved through GYFt? Any secrets to your success?

I didn't go in thinking I would win, I was just excited to try and lose weight. Diet, accountability and consistency are critical! I also attended a lot of the classes, I've always loved doing group exercises.

My kids have been really proud of me so that has been really exciting. Honestly I feel like I've actually been more of an encouragement for my husband *laughs* Just in getting him to come to the gym more: I made him sign up with me! (Editors Note: He ended up losing 13.8 lbs in the challenge!) My family uses NWFitKids so it was no trouble at all with scheduling, I'd just work out while they were in class.

Do you have any advice for anyone thinking about taking part in the challenge?

Don't be afraid and don't overthink it, just jump in and try.

Shan Shan is always really encouraging whenever I come in, she's like my cheerleader. I really like the accountability of the monthly InBody scans (Complimentary with your membership!) and her workouts are fun!

I'm proud of myself for committing. In the past I'd always struggle because I'd get distracted or stop after a week. During the GYFT Challenge I consistently worked out 5-6 days a week, fulltime, with a husband and 4 kids. I'd say that's pretty a big deal! Just go for it!

Enrollment for the next GYFT Challenge has begun! Find out more HERE

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