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Strong Is Beautiful: A Lifetime Of Staying Active!

#NWFitFamily member Debbie has managed to gain 15 lbs of muscle in a little under 3 months working with her trainer Frank, join us as we talk about her fitness journey and Frank's strategies for keeping her progress going!

So! How long have you two been working together?

DEB: November!

Deb, what are your goals working with Frank?

DEB: To gain muscle, I've gained 15 pounds of muscle and lost bodyfat. Plus he gave me a butt!

FRANK: She’s got glutes!

What’s been the biggest struggle of the journey so far?

DEB: Definitely eating enough and cutting down on cardio. I just love to run and that’s why I wasn’t gaining anything before I started working with Frank! I was running 5 miles a day and not eating enough.

FRANK: I had to slow her down so we could start metabolizing and putting on muscle.

That's awesome! What would you say your goal is right now?

To win GYFT(Editor's Note: Our 90 day fitness challenge! Kick-off Party on January 26th at 7PM, RSVP at the front desk)! Or at least do well.

What are some of the highlights of working with Frank?

DEB: He’s amazing, I can’t say anything I don’t like...Except when he gave me that look today!

FRANK: She was bending her knees wrong and I had to call her out! That’s my "Dad" look *laughs*

DEB: He’s great! He’ll be your best friend.

FRANK: She’s awesome: She listens and follows the meal plan. Ideal client!

Do you have any advice for someone who is in good shape but wants to take it to the next level?

DEB: I would say get a trainer so you don’t just do the same thing you’ve done all your life. That’s why I did it! I was barely eating and doing the same exercises that I had always done. You need someone to tell you exactly how much of everything you should be doing.

A lot of women have a misconception that if they gain muscle they’ll get bulky, do you have advice for those people?

DEB: I love my muscle, I think the harder thing is the scale! I weigh the same as my pregnancy weight but all of my clothes still fit, as long as you look and feel good I think you’re set. I hated it at first.

FRANK: Oh she did.

DEB: I did NOT want to eat more. Eventually I changed things, added some bagels and killed leg day!

FRANK: She got to see the energy output behind eating correctly!

DEB: Before I'd only have a piece of toast with coffee in the morning, then I’d go run 5 miles!

FRANK: And then she’d workout with me and be a total zombie.

DEB: I miss running a little bit but not too much.

So Frank, do you think you’ll eventually incorporate running back into Deb’s training plan?

FRANK: Yes! We’re going to get her to a point where she’s comfortable with her muscle and then we’re going to cut her down(Lower Bodyfat). We'll bulk through GYFT and then cut after.

DEB: I lose weight like that, all I have to do is skip a meal and run. Right now I’m just going to gain. If I could go up 15 pounds and get to 170 that would be great.

What has your fitness journey been so far? Have you always been fit?

DEB: I was the girl who got in trouble because she wouldn’t run or wear the uniform! I did play soccer though, I played soccer and softball from the time I was 8 until I was 20 something. Honestly, I’ve been active my whole life! I went to the gym as soon as I was old enough, of course you had to be 18 then. Plus I’ve always eaten healthy: I don't consume soda and I don’t drink much. Actually, I’m not drinking at all now! I just eat healthy and sleep a full 8 hours.

FRANK: Amen!

DEB: I’ve been rear-ended 8 times: I’ve had 3 back surgeries, 3 neck surgeries, surgery on both elbows and my knees have been operated on twice. If I didn’t workout I’d be stuck on the couch unable to move. You just have to stay active. And now I’m lifting the heaviest weights I’ve ever lifted!

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