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in addition to the unbelievable results you'll achieve by the end of the challenge, you'll also have the opportunity to win HUGE cash prizes! we want to reward you for being involved in the program, doing the work, and hitting the goals you've set for yourself.

Weight Loss


AdobeStock_428848041 [Converted].png
AdobeStock_428848041 [Converted].png

the gyft'er who loses the highest percentage of bodyweight will win $500 cash, BRAGGING RIGHTS, AND theIR OWN championship belt!


Participation Points

YOU CAN WIN CASH FOR SIMPLY BEING INVOLVED IN THE PROGRAM! yOU'LL GET POINTS FOR DAILY GYM CHECK-INS, TRAINER CLASSES, SEMINARS, AND TEAM NIGHTS THAT YOU ATTEND. whoever HAS THE MOST participation points by the night of the finale wins $250 cash and their own "attendance" medallion!   


Female Muscle Gain

the FEMALE gyft'er who GAINS the MOST pounds of MUSCLE will win $250 cash, BRAGGING RIGHTS(THIS INCLUDES UNLIMITED USE OF THE WORD "BRO") AND theiR OWN muscle gain medallion!

$500 MUSCLE GAIN male

Male Muscle Gain

the MALE gyft'er who GAINS the MOST pounds MUSCLE will win $250 cash, glory AND, of course, theiR OWN muscle gain medallion!

$500 what's your story

Progress Program

the progress program is gyft's newest division! This program is perfect for any gyft'er who would like a little bit of extra encouragement as they go through the program and would like to improve their mental game just as much as their physical. 

each week our progress program participants will record and submit video answers to the prompts that we email them. these prompts are great for self reflection and will help you recognize exactly what you want out of your life and this program!

at the end of the program we'll record and post a "recap" video on the nwfitco social media. from there it's your job to rally friends, teammates, family, and strangers to get your like count as high as possible. Whoever gathers the most likes by the finale wins $250 and their own "participation point" medallion!


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