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"It's my duty to pave the road for you to travel along your journey. I'm your coach, teammate, and most of all, your biggest fan!"


I'm Ryan, hello!

I'm a life-long, multisport athlete. My background includes advanced athletic performance training, Crossfit training, functional strength and conditioning, physical therapy training, group fitness, and nutrition. Whether you're aiming for very specific fitness and body composition goals, or you have broader intentions of improved health and wellness: your results are my priority. It's my duty to pave the road for you to travel along your journey. I'm your coach, teammate, and most of all, your biggest fan!

Lifestyle changes are always difficult. Breaking habits and adopting new ways of living can be challenging and uncomfortable! Sometimes, all we need is a little support, a little extra nudge: Someone to empower, encourage, and assure us that we CAN accomplish the goals we're aiming for. Nothing changes unless we change our habits. It's a tall order for anyone! That's why I'm here. Trust me, trust the process, and you WILL accomplish your goals.

Days Worked: Monday-Friday

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deanna d.


All my life I have struggled with my weight, and after having 5 kiddos and about to turn 40 I was the heaviest I have ever been.  So I decided to join the gym and get into the best shape of my life.  And thanks to Ryan being the most amazing trainer and getting me to do two GYFT challenges ( which I won my first one and came in second on my second one) I was able to lose 61lbs and feel amazing. I love Ryan as my trainer because he listens to what I want to achieve and how I want to achieve it.  He always knows how to inspire me to do something I don’t think I can do or to keep going when I want to give up. Ryan is also the type of trainer that won’t have his clients do anything that he won’t do and so many times I see him doing the moves along side his clients, and if there is a specific muscle I want to work on or if I want to learn new ways of training certain muscles he is more then happy to adjust the training sessions to what I want to learn and best of all he will explain to me why I am doing something a certain way so that I have the knowledge to understand the process of it all.  Ryan is the best all around trainer and I would recommend him 100% to everyone!!!!

Thank you so much Ryan for being the most amazing trainer.


Your champion 

Deanna DeBord

mark r.

Ryan is everything I was hoping for in a trainer - he has a wide range of experience and training in fitness, he is  encouraging, motivational and hardworking along with many other traits. Entrust him with your goals and he will make it happen. Tell him any issues you have with your body and he will tailor the workouts around them if you have old injuries. I have yet to do the same workout twice out of many training sessions, the amount of variety is awesome! He keeps me focused and makes working out actually fun while making me sweat more than I ever have before! I recommend him to anyone: man, woman, old, or young, he has the experience and personality to fit your needs! He not only makes use of the entire 30-60 minute session, he also helps you figure out how to continue on your own if you can't finish or want more. Honestly, you get massive value for what you pay, I will continue training with him for as long as I can see!



Sorry I am a man of many words hard to sum up. He truly is awesome!





In January 2022 I was a year and a half postpartum, felt like I plateaued in weight loss and wasn’t getting any stronger. I decided to look into getting a personal trainer to help me with those last 20 or so pounds and to feel overall stronger. Ryan has gone above and beyond in helping me achieve my goals. He understands how to help restrengthen your core after going through pregnancy/childbirth. I never felt like I was under or over worked. I have enjoyed my time working with him since there was such a variety of workouts and how helpful he is. The programs are specific for your fitness goals. I highly recommend having Ryan as your trainer.


You’ve been awesome to work with!

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