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Shan Shan

"When you're feeling down, get moving and watch your mood improve!"


I'm Shan Shan! Growing up, I've always loved school sports (Taekwondo, Tennis, Running) and being active. When I got out of High School I began to notice how the unhealthy choices that I was making were negatively impacting my body and mindset. I decided that I wanted to have the knowledge necessary to live a long healthy life and teach others close to me to do the same. 

In addition to being a trainer I also have over 10  years of Tae Kwon Do experience with various age groups and body types. I'm a firm believer that exercise has the power to heal most problems: physical, mental and emotional! Trust me with your fitness journey and you won't just be getting a trainer, you'll be gaining knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life.

Days Worked: Tuesday-Saturday

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mark e.

Here to show my appreciation for the support, knowledge, and most important patience ShanShan has shown over the last several months we have had training sessions together.


Journey with ShanShan started post foot surgery 12/27/22 201.4lbs at 33.9% and made it down to 181.7lbs at 26.8%.

As of October 2023.


She brings a cheerful disposition and is always optimistic that becomes contagious the longer you work with her and will help you hold yourself accountable. Her goal is your goal and to teach you everything you need to know to be able to maintain and continue your own growth once she has helped you reach what you set out to achieve. 


She’s is not pushy with or act like a sales person with products and services but will walk you through the line up and if you do purchase will let you know when sales are active and only suggest what you actually need for you goal and not the entire lineup.


She’s pretty dope. If you select her as your trainer you won’t regret it.

Richard n.

Age 67 

I joined a gym because I was 230LB and it seemed like I had no energy. I belonged to a different gym for a year. I was not losing weight or gaining any muscle. The trainer was just there for a paycheck. At least that is what it seemed like. Then I switched to Northwest Fitness Company. And here came Shan Shan Price. My first meeting with her was eye-opening. She asked me what my goals were. I said I would like to. She stops me by saying What? I changed it too. I want to. She stops me again. I said I was going to get my weight down to 185LB. Then she said that, that is the attitude she wanted to hear.  

I started at 230lb and am at 194lb. My energy level is so much higher. I was not able to go out and work in my yard for very long. I have had back issues for years. Thanks to Shan Shan. I can work in the yard for hours on end. My yard looks so much better. I have been working on my back. To help with my sciatic pain. I used to have numbness going down my right leg all the time. My left leg was some of the time.  I now have a little pain in my right leg. And nothing on the left. It feels so great not having the pain or numbness. 

Thank You Shan Shan 


sharad a.


I am Sharad Adekar, Physician by training and working as Medical Chair Lead at WCG. Shan Shan was incredibly helpful to my fitness journey; I simply could not have done it without her. When I first started going to the gym I was intimidated by the environment. Let me tell you that i am that kind of person who had no prior experience of Gym training. I was not even able to do just one push-up. There were so many machines and so many people that it was a little overwhelming. Through signing up, I was paired with Shan Shan to start my fitness journey. After my first body scan, I discussed my fitness goals with her. I had one thing in mind: to lose weight and develop strength. With that goal, she helped me achieve it by giving the best advice. Through our workouts at the gym, she helped me build confidence and strength at the same time. Additionally she told me diet was a major key for weight loss and helped influence my eating decisions. Every month I did a scan, body fat percentage went down and my overall health went up. She constantly motivated me throughout the entire process and consistently proved to be the best trainer I could've ever asked for. With her continuous motivation and well guided training sessions, I lost about 35 pounds in a year. My body fat went down from 39.2%  to 26.1%  and visceral fat percentage went down from 17 lb to 7 lb. I've never felt better, and I have her to thank. She is one of the most talented trainer and sometimes she is tough which motivates to achieve goals. The entire atmosphere and team are great, pleasant and very helpful.  I love coming here! Thank you Shan Shan for all your support.

Melody H.

 I joined the gym the last week of January 2023. I am 5’11” tall and weighed 273 pounds. I am 67 years old. I signed up for personal training with Shan Shan. I currently weigh 245 lbs so I’ve lost almost 30 lbs in 7 months. I still have another 75 lbs to go. I lost my husband 7 years ago, and was in a very dark place grieving him deeply.


I really didn’t care about anything. I was eating fast food once or twice a day and sitting most of the time. As I got heavier the aches and pains got worse. I could barely get out of my chair. Everything hurt. God was telling me to get up and walk, but I didn’t want to. Finally, I came to the realization that I was going to die in that chair if I didn’t start getting in shape. I started walking twice a week with a friend, and then decided I had to get a trainer if I was going to actually get healthy.


It was really hard even coming in. I had a very negative attitude about the effort that was needed. It was easier to do nothing, but I wanted to play with my grandkids and get back to traveling. Shan Shan has been really fantastic about encouraging me and being patient. She is so knowledgeable about all the muscles of the body and making sure I’m doing everything correctly. She not there just counting reps. She’s holding me accountable and helping me to get back on track when I struggle. She’s always looking for the positive even in the small backsliding that happens.


She totally changed my mindset. I want to go to the gym and see the pounds come off. I can now walk up a long set of stairs at my grandkid’s house without hanging on to the rail and gasping for breath at the top. I no longer need a two hour nap in the afternoon. I’ve dropped 2 sizes since January. I still have a long ways to go but I can see it’s possible now and I’m feeling stronger both mentally and physically with God’s help and Shan Shan. 

katie s.

Shan Shan has been my trainer for over a year now and she has been an amazing support to have on my team to help me get fit again. I used to play sports all throughout high school and even in college but once that stopped, I stopped. I had lost motivation. I wanted to get fit on my own but after the loss of a close family member I was stuck and did not see a way out. I joined NWFITCO with my family and was paired with Shan Shan as my personal trainer. At first I only did the free monthly check-ins and that once a month encouragement and plan making with Shan Shan really got the ball rolling for my weight loss. I started at the heaviest I had ever been, 261lbs, and I was amazed to see how having outside accountability helped push me to succeed. In the first 3 months I lost 35.8lbs! I started training with Shan Shan weekly after that. Shan Shan has been an awesome trainer! I wanted to learn proper lifting techniques and increase my cardiorespiratory fitness while losing weight. I have a background in kinesiology (the study of human movement) and I was impressed by Shan Shan’s knowledge of anatomy, cues and terms that I had recently learned getting my bachelors in Kinesiology. She has been a supportive and understanding friend while also pushing me to reach my goals. I could barely jog on the treadmill at first but one of my goals was to get under a 9 minute mile. Currently, I can run a 7 minute 45 second mile consistently! And I want to get faster! Shan Shan has helped me target my weak points so that I can become a well-rounded athlete. Her background as a black belt in Taekwondo has shone through with the challenging agility sessions she has prepared for me. Over the last year with Shan Shan I have lost 70 lbs. and I am sooooo close to original goal of losing 76lbs! I could never have been so consistent and motivated without Shan Shan. I highly recommend her as a trainer to anyone looking to make a lasting change in both their physical and mental health.


Thank you, Shan Shan!

polly e.

I am a recent “transplant” from California, moving here with my husband at the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020. Both of us are in our 80s with pre-existing health conditions and felt we needed to be near our family at this time. While the move has been very positive for us, I found the COVID restrictions limited the active lifestyle we enjoyed in California. The first year was difficult and I experienced moments of mild depression. “Just keep moving” became my goal. My previous small gym in California promoted a “Movement for Life” concept so daily walking was helpful, but I felt I needed more. “A body in motion stays in motion.” My son and daughter-in-law, members of NW Fitness Company, suggested I check it out. I made the appointment in August 2022 but did not expect they would accept an 81-year-old senior. I was wrong. When I met Shan Shan, my trainer, she made me feel welcomed and happy to work with me.


When I spoke to my Health Care Providers, including my cardiologist and my therapist, they both agreed it would be a great plan for me  I am beginning my 7th month with private lessons three times a week with Shan Shan and it has been great. Her focus has been on my posture, especially the curve in upper spine but I am also gaining strength and balance throughout my body. When I grow weary, she encourages me and makes me feel confident. I appreciate her close attention during every activity. Her first priority is my safety. At this stage of my development, I go through the typical health assessments with my Care Providers. I have increased my height by 2 inches, and I am no longer pre-diabetic. I receive positive reports from my cardiologists and my bone scans continue to be good. They all encourage me to keep up the weight bearing exercises. This is truly a life-changing experience for me and I am looking forward to being 82 years-young in 2023.

Asa S.


Nearly nine months ago I joined NWFITCO and was immediately greeted and felt welcomed. After a few visits, it became clear that the culture of this place was much more than just stacks of weights and treadmills. This place has a foundation built around people first and their desire was to help those people reach their goals. About a month into my membership I was introduced to Shan Shan, who is one of the personal trainers on staff. I decided that it was time to challenge myself a bit and to change some of my bad habits around food and exercise. I had been working out for years but had reached a plateau and wasn't making any forward progress.

This is where Shan Shan came in to help me. We walked through some of my history, talked about my goals and she even helped me with a FREE workout session. I knew right then and there that I had to give this a try. Since that day, every session with Shan Shan has provided the promise of a push for betterment, conversation about healthier nutrition, reviewing of progress, and accountability. She also has a fun side that makes workouts enjoyable! That humor can help a lot when you're working hard to reach a goal.

I would highly recommend Shan Shan if you're looking for a coach that will challenge you, hold you accountable, and is willing to have fun along the journey with you too! I'm grateful that I joined NWFITCO and was introduced to their hardworking and wonderful staff.

Way to Go Shanolator!

jeralee k.


I think I started working with Shan Shan in June, right before GYFT started, I wanted to learn how to exercise properly and use more machines. Shan Shan is always really encouraging whenever I come in, she's like my cheerleader. I really like the accountability of the monthly InBody scans  and her workouts are fun! I'm proud of myself for committing. In the past I'd always struggle because I'd get distracted or stop after a week.

Aaron t.

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aaron 4.jpg

When you walk into Northwest Fitness, you may notice that the establishment enables its patrons with a non-judgemental sense of camaraderie, comfort and courageous determination. When you look in any direction, you will see smiling mouths, determined eyes, sweaty brows, and people being educated on how to better themselves and their understanding of their own bodies. The entire essence of this health center can be summed up in the spirit and presence of one particular instructor, Shan Shan Price. What brought me in to inquire about membership was that I was looking for a gym with more flexible hours than the gym I was attending at the time, No more, no less. I did not count on encountering a trainer like Shan Shan. I am not a stranger to personal training so upon meeting Shan Shan, I was familiar with some of the motions we were going through as well as the usual questions trainers ask when you first start a program. I gave the typical answers one would give, circling around aesthetic and superficial reasons for looking good. Then Shan Shan asked me a question no trainer had ever asked of me before. She asked, "What is the real reason you are here?" Before any physical training even started, she asked me to dig for a deeper reason and before flexing any physical strength, she asked me to flex spiritually and mentally. That was what told me I had found my new trainer. She didn't accept just the superficial, she asked for real strength. In the short six months I have been working with Shan Shan, I have experienced results and changes in my body and mind that I have not seen in years. Shan Shan has a sharp eye for catching and correcting seemingly miniscule mistakes that make major differences when corrected and the true form is done properly. She corrects and explains in detail the reasons behind every motion, every movement, in order to improve form and function. Her knowledge of the body and exercise science is unparalleled. There is no wasted movement in her training. Her care and concern for her clients comes through in the fact that she greets every one of her trainees a smile and a wave, even on days she is not scheduled to meet with them. Her resolve shows through in her own training. You can see her thought process and the determination to constantly improve, she employs the same determination to improve the wellbeing of all of her clients. Most importantly, Shan Shan constantly reminds her clients of their own personal responsibility: she implores me to practice it with discipline when it comes to my own training. I have grown to count on the relationship I have built with Shan Shan these past few months and although I greatly surpass her in age, I have definitely grown to see Shan Shan as a mentor and guide just as much as I do a physical trainer.


I began my fitness journey in February of 2021. I had several trainers before we were paired up with Shan Shan. Although I was starting to see some progress, it was hard knowing which direction to go with multiple trainers.
Shan Shan is like a breath of fresh air. We talked about where I wanted to go in regards to my training. She and I both learned from the same Taekwondo master so she understands my past training history and the drive and determination it takes. She has tailored my workouts to my abilities and understands that I enjoy being challenged. 
Since working with Shan Shan, I’ve lost almost 8% of body fat and gained over 5 lbs. of muscle, with a goal of gaining more. She pushes me, even when the motivation isn’t there. Her cheerful smile and bubbly personality just adds to that. I wholeheartedly would recommend Shan Shan, I have her to thank for my progress, I couldn’t have done it without her pushing me and her encouragement. I look forward to many more training sessions with her. 

Marjorie S.

"My son is the one who encouraged me to try NWFITCO. When I first walked in everyone was so welcoming. When I decided to try a personal trainer I was paired with Shan Shan. She always has a smile & an encouraging word. She knows when you need that little extra push to get you through a difficult exercise. I enjoy coming to this facility!"

John s.

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed having Shan Shan as my trainer. It's obvious how much she loves what she does, and that positive attitude comes through in her sessions. Despite her age, (I have sweatshirts older than her), she is very knowledgeable and could be teaching exercise physiology somewhere.
I also appreciate her ability to gently convince me to document my workouts and meals. I know that documentation is vital to attaining my goals, and without her efforts, I wouldn't be doing it or showing much progress.
I feel lucky to have Shan Shan in my corner and I'm confident that I will be successful in reaching my goals thanks to her tremendous support.
Plus she's just a lot of fun to be around.

For your consideration,
John S.

Chris H.

Joined Northwest Fitco in January of 2021 and was instantly greeted and welcomed by their staff. After joining their GYFT program I was given a choice on who I wanted as a trainer. I chose Shan Shan Price, and I can say it was the best choice. Doing my workouts with her was very difficult and very beneficial, in the 6 months that I was her client I put on a ton of muscle, more than I had for my goal. If anyone is looking for a good trainer that will push you to reach your goal, I recommend going with Shan Shan, but a word of advice if you start to slack she will call you out and your workout will be that much harder.


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