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Breast Cancer Awareness

Hoodie - $34.95

($39.95 for XXL)

You may be familiar with our Gym Coordinator Kassee Anderson! Here she is rocking our limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness Hoodie($34.95/$39.95 for XXL)!Kassee has the best sense of humor in the entire company and is an "organizational monster"(her words)!

Tee Shirt - $19.95

($22.95 for XXL)

KasseBreatscancerawarenessshirt REAR.png
The Breast cancer Tee($19.95/$22.95 for XXL) features a special message on the back: "Support the fighters, Admire the survivors, Honor the taken". We want to acknowledge the courage and bravery of those involved in this difficult fight!

Racer Tank-$12.95


Sam Racer Tank green.png


Sam Racer Tank.png
Check out NWFITCO trainer Sam rocking our Racer Tank in Pink or green! Sam is a certified nutritionist and trainer(Both through ISSA), she's also certified for foam rolling. Outside of work you can catch Sam reading or making digital art in her spare time.

sweatshirts - $34.95

Black/Blue hoodie-$34.95

XXl - $39.95

Brandon Sweatshirtfinal.png
A quick snap of NWFITCO membership consultant Brandon Gebbie giving us his best "Uncle Rico" in our Black and Blue hoodie! When he's not at the gym you can catch Brandon taking names in Mario Kart and hanging out with his puppy Milo.

Black/Green Hoodie - 34.95

XXl - $39.95

Get you a man who can do both! Our head trainer Alex Godfrey(The Terminator) wearing our Black/Green Hoodie! Alex enjoys long walks on the beach and trips to the past to destroy John Connor.

Grey hoodie-$34.95

XXl - $39.95

Chris Grey Sweater.png
Nwfitco trainer chris sporting our grey nwfitco hoodie, chris loves computers and wants to go into cyber security someday. ask him what anime he's watching right now!

Tee shirts


Grey short sleeve tee - $14.95

Frank Grey Shirt.png
here's NWfitco trainer frank wearing Our heather grey tee! frank is also certified masseuse, outside of work you can catch frank watching dragonball z and getting new tattoos!

Freedom short sleeve tee - $19.95

PrestonFreedomTee normalhammer.png
Can you guess who our trainer preston's favorite avenger is? Have an electric workout with our "freedom" tee! Preston is passionate about bodybuilding and used to be an emt.