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About Taylor.

I fell in love with weightlifting at 13. It got me through a lot of tough times in school where I was severely bullied. The gym made me feel strong and was my escape.  During covid, I stopped going to the gym,  I fell out of love with it. I gained 40+ pounds and no longer had the motivation or passion for it. I tried it for a week and it didn't feel the same so i gave up.


I was tired of feeling tired/unmotivated all the time so i tried again 6 months later and it was not easy at all to keep going but I haven't stopped since.  This led to me finally making the decision I had been long thinking about, becoming a certified personal trainer!

I want to help others find their “why“. Find what the gym can do for them, whether it be for mental or physical health or both. I want everyone to find their place here and for no one to ever feel judged. Find your strength in whatever way YOU need it. 

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