Meet The family!

Having a guide can make a massive impact on the journey towards reaching your fitness goals! let us come alongside you and help you break plateaus, reach new heights and put fear to rest. we're here for you!

Alex G.

Fitness Director

As the Fitness Director here at Northwest Fitness Company, my passion has always been about giving people the tools and education needed to achieve their goals.


Training Manager

My experience in the military has equipped me to train people to overcome mindsets, habits and obstacles that prevent them from succeeding!



I understand the frustration and disappointment of being unable to physically perform the way you'd like to, that's why I love having this opportunity to teach my clients to overcome their limitations.

Shan Shan


I'm a firm believer that exercise has the power to heal most problems: physical, mental and emotional! You'll be gaining a friend who will walk you every step of the way towards success!



After walking through my own fitness journey, I truly can't see myself doing anything other than helping people reach their goals. My mission is to bring success to any client I work with!



I'm someone who strives for the highest level of excellence at all times! When you work with me you can expect someone who won't settle for "Good enough." Let's make magic together!



Being able to guide people down the ideal path towards their goals, channeling their passions and lifting them up when they felt down was even more exhilarating than being on the field myself. 



I would start in one place and be a completely different person by season end, it was an incredible feeling. I bring that same drastic improvement and confidence to my clients every day. Work with me and you'll fall in love with the process, not just the final result.