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I've been on and off working out my whole life however I knew I needed true inspiration and guidance from a trainer when I joined NWFitness about a year ago.  I wasn't as motivated on my own as I'd hoped and felt having a trainer would make me more accountable and I was right. I had a great first training session Cody and felt comfortable and challenged at the same time.  From our first appointment, he established my history both with former injuries, my fitness knowledge, and goals.  He has a unique ability to push me to my maximum but knows the boundary which is just what I was looking for. 

Most importantly he's a very genuine and kind person who is fair and understanding.  Since we've worked together twice a week now for about a year I'm much stronger overall and have a few more pounds of muscle which was one of my goals.  I've felt a mental shift from having a stronger body and have enjoyed seeing major improvements in my conditioning which is a direct result of working with him. 

He keeps the workouts fresh and we continually work the same groups but in different ways which I totally appreciate.  Workouts are never boring and neither is he!  He's also emphasized how important my nutrition is to get to my goals which has really helped reach them. I truly recommend him as a trainer not only for his knowledge and training techniques but because he makes it fun with his great sense of humor and love of his work.  He's the best!

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