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Cody is freaking awesome! I started my weight loss journey around 355 lbs but didn’t start working with Cody until I was down to 290 and had stagnated for 8 months with zero drop. Cody helped me find my motivation and pushed me to surpass my limits and now I’m sitting at 215lbs with only about 30 pounds of body fat total (like 12.9%). He’s superchill and laid back, but still has the high energy to motivate the heck out of you.

The best part, he listens to what you have to say, and what you need. What can I say? Cody’s the Bisky to my Gon, the Jiraiya to my Naruto, the Yami to my Asta, the Ash to my Pikachi, the Guy Sensei to my Rock Lee, you get the picture right? He’s an excellent trainer who is in business to change lives and bring out the best you possible. Thanks Cody!

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