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I have been meeting with Eric for 16 months. He is very friendly and enthusiastic. He has a clear passion for helping people reach their goals and improve their lives. He was willing to work with some of my preferences while encouraging me to push my boundaries. Since training with him I have become more flexible and can do everyday tasks with greater ease. My strength and endurance have also increased. Especially my cardio health, which I had badly neglected.


When it comes to food intake I have learned that macros are key. Eric introduced me to resources that enabled me to be cognizant of what eating a healthy, balanced and nutrient rich diet is, and how I could fix it. I remember having to go on a drastic calorie deficit one month, just to prove that my diet was the major factor that had been keeping me from accomplishing my fat loss goal.


So many of my clothes don't even fit any more - they’re too big! When I see people that I haven't seen in a while, they can't believe how good of shape I'm in! Overall I just feel more confident and capable and have less self doubt. I no longer worry that my former bad habits will have negative effects on my future.


Reaching my goal has definitely taken a collaborative effort. I would enthusiastically recommend Eric as a personal trainer.

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