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Gained 8 lbs. Lean Body Mass

I have been training with Eric for about a year. He leads his clients by example fully cognizant of

his clients physical, mental, and emotional disposition.Further, possessing a high social IQ, he is

able to engage and challenge his clients in a manner that results in very positive outcomes. He

has clear and concise training objectives as well as program goals and timetables that allow for

constant updates and corrections which can be monitored and corrected by his client even as

training is in process. The results include physical, mental and social integrative maturity for

sustained positive progress at the conclusion of training.

Since beginning training I have noticed that I am standing taller and able to walk up and down

stairs on my toes, as well as on the balls of my feet in sure footedness as well as doing squats,

on my toes, from a full stance. I can also raise my arms over my head behind my head for the

first time in recent years. Eric has been having me stand on one foot on the BOSU and playing

catch with a 14# medicine ball so I started playing with perfect strangers as they walked by my

exercise...with the left and right foot. Respectively I can do that for more than 2 minutes at a

time! When I could do this on my left leg, my weakest knee now working at 100%, it was one of

the most defining moments in my training. In addition to my balance my core strength has also

greatly improved - I am more confident in walking, carrying, and lifting. My leg and arm strength

are also significantly improved. Given my 110 lbs. Pitbull mastiff, I am less on guard wondering if

my dog will pull me over as he attempts to chase other dogs and animals while he’s on his


In a world that seems to believe that doctors always “know best”, Eric has reinforced my

lifestyle of eating well and thriving through a holistic approach to health that is primarily driven

by personal investment in proper foods and exercise. My wife and I have been on this journey

for decades due to a family history of dietary challenges and our eating habits have been

altered by those life experiences. We recognize we are what we eat and that our bodies have a

mind that can instruct us as to what to ingest... In addition, we FAST in a SCRIPTURAL

MANNER and are mindful of our need for restful sleep! On a personal note and as a part of my

health journey we found Chinese Medicine has been very instrumental in our tutelage. I had a

tumor removed from my right leg 11 years ago.

Our Chinese medical doctor alerted us to the existence of an amethyst crystal mat (bio-mat) which – by using it for six weeks prior to scheduled surgery – dissolved the tumor away from the femur... The doctor who made the incision from my groin to kneecap, through to the bone, was unwilling to give credit, changing my status from an anticipated three-day hospital stay to outpatient procedure while I was in the recovery room, releasing me pre-maturely and summarily dismissing my case. However, he ladened my medical record with “prone to cancer...”. Without question, we are cautious when it comes to western-style medicine. The tumor, even in its dissolved state, weighed more than two pounds!

I am sold on Eric’s whole wellness model for LIFE! Personally I believe the dimensionality of the

spiritual gives rise to “life” in all its fullness and I love that I can discuss all such ambitions with

Eric in such a fashion that it is a win-win! I spend much time and energy on my own life journey

with my wife. It is always encouraging to discuss our ideas together.

Interpersonal interaction is critical for me to TRUST A TRAINER - that must occur prior to

engagement. I watched Eric work with other clients more than six months before I considered a

TRAINER. I watched his demeanor and response to his clients. I chose him because of his

professional disposition, expertise, and social IQ. He is a comrade in arms, I trust HIM fully and

completely! He has stretched my goal setting endeavors to new levels.

I would give ERIC my highest and best recommendation... HE IS WHAT HE TEACHES!!

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