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I wanted to pass on my experience with Harrison.  It has definitely been positive!  I am a long-time gym user and was working out on my own four to five days a week already.  Despite exercising fairly hard and eating clean I was stuck and just maintaining.  Being in my mid-fifties I figured that was just how things would be going forward.  I had accepted that I would stay where I was.  A knee injury had also ended my ability to run, so I thought I just could not get back into the shape I was in my younger years.  I was comfortable “doing what I was doing”.  Harrison got me past all that! 

With his guidance and holding me accountable, I am down ten pounds and have nearly reached my goal of 15% body fat.  He has gotten me out of my comfort zone and taught me the importance of doing a wide range of movements and activities in the gym.  He has shifted my focus to overall strength, and proven that my fitness level can improve even if I can’t run. The changes he had me make with nutrition have been paying off as well.  Best of all, I am having so much more fun at the gym and am pushing past my fears of trying new things. 

Thanks Harrison!

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