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I started working out at NWFITCO in August 2020 without a trainer with minimal results. In November of 2021 I started working with Harrison after realizing that I needed a more structured workout. Harrison set me up with a meal plan and a workout schedule. I did not follow this meal plan right away, but he kept me accountable and persisted until I achieved results that proved the meal plan worked. I have lost 72lbs to date. I’ve lost 8 inches in my waist, 3 inches in my chest, and 2 inches around my shoulders. Harrison has been a huge help customizing my workouts around my pre-existing injuries, while still obtaining the results I wanted. I initially started working out because I was becoming unable to do the activities that I loved the most.


Since working out my energy levels are better, stress level has lessened, and my outlook on life has taken a turn for the better. I now look forward to my workouts and how good I feel after each one. I’m in my second GYFT challenge, which has been a great motivator for my weight loss as well. Harrison is an extremely positive trainer who pushes me and remains positive even when I am not so positive. Part of Harrison’s program is to keep a log of my workouts and food. We review this log together monthly and reset my goals as needed. This has helped immensely in my weight loss journey. I would highly recommend Harrison as a trainer, regardless of your fitness level. He is a great motivator. All that it takes is to be willing to start and a great trainer like Harrison.

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