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I am a recent “transplant” from California, moving here with my husband at the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020. Both of us are in our 80s with pre-existing health conditions and felt we needed to be near our family at this time. While the move has been very positive for us, I found the COVID restrictions limited the active lifestyle we enjoyed in California. The first year was difficult and I experienced moments of mild depression. “Just keep moving” became my goal. My previous small gym in California promoted a “Movement for Life” concept so daily walking was helpful, but I felt I needed more. “A body in motion stays in motion.” My son and daughter-in-law, members of NW Fitness Company, suggested I check it out. I made the appointment in August 2022 but did not expect they would accept an 81-year-old senior. I was wrong. When I met Shan Shan, my trainer, she made me feel welcome and happy to work with me.


When I spoke to my healthcare providers, including my cardiologist and my therapist, they both agreed it would be a great plan for me  I am beginning my 7th month with private lessons three times a week with Shan Shan and it has been great. Her focus has been on my posture, especially the curve in my upper spine but I am also gaining strength and balance throughout my body. When I grow weary, she encourages me and makes me feel confident. I appreciate her close attention during every activity. Her first priority is my safety. At this stage of my development, I go through the typical health assessments with my Care Providers. I have increased my height by 2 inches, and I am no longer pre-diabetic. I receive positive reports from my cardiologists and my bone scans continue to be good. They all encourage me to keep up the weight-bearing exercises. This is truly a life-changing experience for me and I am looking forward to being 82 years young in 2023.

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