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"As someone who started exactly where you are now, there's nothing that I love more than helping people reach their goals."


Hi, my name is Cody!

I've been a member at Northwest Fitness Company since it first opened - I love the environment here and I'm so excited that I've received the opportunity to add to an already incredible training team. As someone who started exactly where you are now, there's nothing that I love more than helping people reach their fitness goals. I know how vulnerable sharing your aspirations can be, and I want you to know that your goals will become my goals. I have over 10 years of personal training experience that I bring to the table. My additional wealth of knowledge in TRX and kettlebell training means that I can cater your workouts around any special requirements that you may have, be they low-impact, restricted range of motion, or anything else that may be a hindrance. Outside of work I enjoy being outdoors, hanging out with my dog and my girlfriend, as well as playing video games. Train with me and let's make this your year!

Days Worked: Sunday-Thursday

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I came in for my monthly reprogramming in June, just before GYFT started. Cody asked if I wanted to join because I wasn't really seeing results. I agreed and to be honest it probably was because I was still buzzed from the night before. I tried to get out of it but Cody wouldn't let me. So I was doing the things - tracking food, coming to my sessions, taking my supplements. However, I was heavily drinking every day and not tracking that. Come to July's reprogram and I had lost muscle mass and gained fat mass. So a long discussion was had about what I thought wasn't working. I decided to come clean and told him about my drinking problem. No judgment from him, he gave me ideas about things I could do instead of picking up a bottle. I went home that day relieved but defeated, so I drank that night. This time though I tracked my alcohol. Come to the second session of this week and after reviewing my food journal, Cody was not happy. We discussed again finding a different outlet, so that day was when I decided to really throw myself at GYFT. I have rediscovered my love for the gym and fitness. I learned that group workouts aren't that bad. I no longer have the desire to pick up a bottle. Instead, I work out. It has been 14 days since I had a drink. Thank you Cody for the support and encouragement. 

joey s.


I have been training with Cody since November 2022 and I'm currently still training with him.  Cody is that quiet steady ship, he takes your goals seriously and is never discouraging. One of the biggest things I appreciate about him is how often he checks in to make sure you aren't hurting yourself while also pushing you past what you think is possible. He has an amazing sense of humor and is always available and quick to respond to questions, or help you plan around life events.


My body and strength have COMPLETELY changed since working out with Cody. I am seeing muscle definition I never thought possible, and things I would have struggled with six months ago I am able to do easily. I am in the National Guard and PT tests have always been a struggle for me, but since training with Cody I have not only been able to meet the standards, but surpass them. I feel like I have gained so much confidence moving through the world. I look in the mirror and see the person I want to see, and when someone takes a picture of me I'm no longer worried about how bad I look, cause darn it, I'm lookin good!


For me the biggest moment was having a renewed conversation about what my fitness goals are, we started working together just to drop weight, now the focus is strength and muscle. It is a moment I have never had in my fitness journey. I've yo-yo'd so much that fitness has usually meant dropping pounds, now it has taken a different direction and I couldn't be happier. I've never been stronger and it feels AMAZING! I have learned that balance is truly key, Awareness of what I put in my body and making positive choices that align with my goals rather than cutting out things that I enjoy to eat and making life miserable. Supplementation has also been huge, I take the dot fit supps and I feel so healthy as a result.


I have learned to make my health and my body a priority in day to day living. I make better choices, I show up and I've learned to be consistent, and that has made the biggest difference. I show up for me and when I do that the things that show up in my life that challenge or stress me have become easier to manage. I would consider Cody a friend and Ally. He pushes me beyond what my limits are and has made me a better person as a result. One of the amazing things about him is that he is always bettering himself, and learning new ways to program or adjust exercises to make them more efficient. He is constantly and constantly learning and as a result, my training gets better every session. He is the epitome of growth mindset.

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