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Alex Godfrey

"decide that you are worth the effort"


Hi, I'm Alex!

As the Fitness Director here at Northwest Fitness Company, my passion has always been about giving people the tools and education needed to achieve their goals.

For me, there isn't anything more satisfying than helping someone conquer physical and mental hurdles that they are struggling with. Put simply, I specialize in getting my clients the results they desire. If you're willing to put in the work then I can get you where you want to go. Don't write yourself off due to age or body type! My 74 year old client is now able to sit down and stand up unassisted because of our work together, and I have put high school athletes back on the field after injuries that otherwise have put them out of commission.

You are the person who determines your value, I'm there for the days you forget. 

Days Worked: Monday-Friday

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Well, I’m 73 years old. I’ve had carotid artery surgery, they've had to stop my heart twice, I’ve had 3 mini strokes and right now I’m 31 pounds down from my weight in July. I’m currently in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life(Aside from when I was in the military!) I can’t tell you enough about how exceptional this gym is. I have a trainer who takes no BS and pushes me beyond what I think are my limits. I’m getting stronger and my life is so much better! I can get on the floor with my 4 year old granddaughter and wrestle around with her, before I couldn’t even carry her around from room to room. I’m just trying to do the best that I can, lose weight and gain muscle. I respect the hell out of him because he’s showing me how to do the exercises: He emphasizes the correct posture and the correct lifting techniques so that I get the most out of the workout without injuring myself. It doesn’t get any better than that! I’ve been through a lot of drill sergeants and military training where they rely on shaming to motivate you. It’s totally different, it’s always encouraging. He’s consistently counting the reps, telling me I can push harder. It works!



I've had other trainers that definitely helped me build a wonderful foundation but Alex, (NWFITCO Head Trainer - pictured right) for whatever reason, knows exactly when and how hard to push me. Alex also keeps me on track with nutrition accountability as well as the mental and emotional side of things. It's turned out to be incredibly successful! I mean he's not only my trainer, he's my therapist when I'm having a rough day. He's my point of contact if something is affecting my workouts, if I've slipped up on my food, if I need anything he's always there to help me figure it out. At the same time he also knows that I'm my own worst enemy. If the scale doesn't go the way we want it to for a week he helps me remember that it's okay, we'll switch some things up and try again. These things are crucial and I think it's that support that's going to get me where I want to go. Diet, exercise and paying attention to what you're consuming, tracking your food is huge!

Donna m.

Since I've begun working with Alex - my fitness journey has become focused and tailored to my age and abilities. It's a journey of health, education and self-discovery.  Alex has not only helped me work out and utilize the gym, he has also helped me learn to listen to my body and respond.  As a trainer, Alex is my number one listener and cheerleader. He listens, he watches, he responds, he motivates, he questions, and he researches. I never feel like I am asking too many questions and I never feel rushed like Alex is watching the clock. The workout ends when we are finished.  Alex goes the distance for me every day and he inspires me to go the distance for myself.
I have learned so much on my fitness journey. I have learned I must eat every day and eat well. I am aware of every calorie and macro that enters my body. I now understand how a bad relationship with food will destroy your fitness goals and your health. Alex has helped guide me to discover that I am not fat; I am strong and healthy! His encouragement each day has allowed me to push far beyond my limits and give myself grace when I need it. At 57 years old I never dreamed of being so strong and healthy - I led a very sedentary lifestyle prior to embarking on my fitness journey. Goodbye daily aches and pains from just getting out of bed.  If I hurt at all it is because I earned that pain in the gym. No more running home after work to sit on the couch. I now run to the gym after work to be welcomed by my fitness family and my fabulous trainer Alex Godfrey. I am truly blessed to work with Alex Godfrey!!
Grateful and blessed,
Donna M.

tatu l.

Nearly 9 months ago, I joined NWFITCO and started working out with my personal trainer, Alex. I've seen noticeable improvements in my ability to lift progressively heavier weights; which initially was quite intimidating - I used to avoid them!
Alex, however, knows how to motivate me, he makes each of my training sessions challenging yet rewarding. He pushes me in creative ways I'd never imagine. If you had asked me before, I would never have believed that I'd eventually be able to lift 40lbs dumbbells over my shoulders, perform chest press, or even push 300lbs on leg press. It’s important to note that the emphasis should not be placed on how much weight I can lift - it's more about learning and applying the correct techniques with each exercise to avoid injury(s). We also review personalized fitness and meal plans every so often, to check off milestones and assess areas of improvement.

My trainer and the staff at NWFITCO incorporate a level of commitment, safety and knowledge that puts my mind at ease. I can trust their guidance!

Furthermore, when interacting with the other trainers, I can honestly recommend any one of them in a heartbeat! Not only do they exhibit professionalism and passion in what they do; they are also very friendly and funny, adding to the "welcome home" feeling.

When exploring your options for a gym that feels just right, meets you wherever you’re at, and will support and uplift you in your pursuit of a healthier self, look no further! 
Thank you Alex.

arlene s.

Hello, this is Arlene S. and I’ve been a member of NWFITCO since April 2019.  I love coming into the gym and I love that I'm greeted by name every time I walk through the door! I’ve been enrolled in every GYFT challenge. All of the NWFITCO trainers push me to reach my goals and remain accountable. Although I’ve never won a challenge, it’s been great being part of a community that encourages one another. I am held accountable by my trainer Alex and he strives to give all of us what we need to succeed. I’ve lost weight and decided to try the muscle gain category to help with toning up my body. When I feel like I weigh 200 pounds he says, "don’t talk like that!"
I love this gym, the trainers and the support from all the members.   What’s great about the GYFT is just encouraging everyone and making friends in the meantime. 
~ Arlene ~

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