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"Fitness is a gateway to confidence, a longer life, and a fuller life!"


Hello! I'm Harrison,

As a former martial artist,  I have always valued physical activity: I believe it helps people grow mentally, spiritually, and physically! When I say that time in the gym is my favorite part of the day, I truly mean it. My goal is to help you find, if not a love of fitness, a love of the freedom it can give you. It's a gateway to confidence, a longer life, and a fuller life.  


My passion is teaching and guiding my clients along their fitness journey and ultimately helping build their confidence for the "everyday." No matter what your reason is for wanting to pursue your fitness goals, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.  

In my free time I enjoy binge watching Game Of Thrones (I may have seen it a couple times over) and playing music. I'm a multi-instrumentalist! You'll have to ask me in person which instruments, though.


Trust me with your goals and I'll help you reach them. It's simple! I can't wait to meet you, book me for a free session today.

Days Worked: Tuesday-Saturday

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Katlyn C.


"I’ve been working out at NWFITCO for almost two years now and have lost 65 pounds in that time. My most recent goal has been to gain muscle and definition: that’s where Harrison came in. We have been working together for a month now and and not only has he taught me various workouts and the importance of fueling my body, he’s held me accountable and encouraged me along the way. 


Harrison has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life. He came up with a meal plan for me where I consume the calories that my body needs to reach my goal.


The progress I’ve made, in all aspects, is so rewarding and exciting. 

Harrison pushes me to my limits and although I complain and whine, there hasn’t been a single session where we haven’t laughed. He’s such a great trainer and I encourage anyone who needs any help reaching their goals to book him for a session!"

amy r.

I joined NWFITCO so that I could take the next step in my goal of becoming a healthier version of myself. It worked! Showing up to the gym four days a week and moving my body helped me to start feeling better physically and mentally. I was making healthy food choices, walking five miles a day, and working out at the gym. Everything was going great, and I lost 50 pounds. I spent the summer traveling to Vegas, Mexico, and Greece to celebrate my 50th birthday. Then, a global pandemic shut down the world and I had to work remotely for a year in my house, 50 feet away from my refrigerator. I gained 18 pounds and lost all motivation to work out. I knew I had to do something! So, I committed to making better food choices and going back to NWFITCO. This time, no longer working remotely, and putting in 10 to 12 hours a day, I knew I would need help. I looked at the trainers and their bios at the NWFITCO website. This was an important choice. I am 52 years old, extremely overweight, and I have some physical limitations. I knew I would need a trainer who would be adaptable and understanding of my goals and needs. I chose Harrison because he had kind eyes. I’m so glad I did! Harrison is fun and truly enjoys his profession. He is knowledgeable and able to explain everything from muscle groups to nutrition. He is understanding of my limitations and builds exercise routines tailored to my needs. I look forward to meeting with him every session. I have seen Harrison work with a wide variety of people, young and old, very fit and those (like me) who are struggling to become fit. He is able to understand and adapt to each client in such a wonderful way. If you are in need of a trainer, please book a meeting with Harrison. His energy and joy are infectious, and his professional abilities will help you attain your fitness goals.


I'm writing this letter to you following my several months of using Harrison as my personal trainer and as my GYFT coach.  First, I had never used a personal trainer before so I didn't quite know where to even place the bar.  I've played competitive sports into my early 40's (pitcher for adult/Sr. baseball leagues, Sr. World Series, etc.), but I've also been in Medical Sales since 1987 and my career hasn't allowed me to spend a lot of extra time in the gym.  But I signed up along with my wife for this past GYFT session and got to work with Harrison.  My first impression was that he was very interested in my goals, my current health (torn rotator cuff, knee replacement, ruptured (but stable) C5-C6 disc), and he designed a plan that took each of those issues into consideration.  He laid out a plan to "reign in" some bad eating habits and offered supplements to enhance my goals with regards to my high blood pressure.  He was very diligent in his follow-up with me to make sure I was staying on track, and he always had a very positive, enthusiastic attitude!  My goal for GYFT was to lose 30 pounds, and I ended up losing ~26 pounds - and I'm very happy with that.  (My wife and I will sign up for the next GYFT session too!)  Although I had only committed to 3 months of personal training with Harrison, my goal was to get a kick-start in my home CV workout regimen, and especially my eating habits.  Harrison got me started on intermittent fasting, and it has really helped!  I've been able to discontinue one of my blood pressure medications and am not far off from being able to stop my remaining one completely!!  


I could go on, but I'll just say that Harrison was the best fit for me as I've begun looking more closely at my health (57 years old), and he was a fantastic accountability partner for me in my journey.  I'm grateful to have had him as my trainer and would recommend him to anyone!  Thank you! 



Before I started my training with Harrison, I had already started my fitness journey.  I had lost a ton of weight. (89lbs) and just wanted to tone up. I have always been intimidated by the gym. I went in one day and decided I would check out the training program. I walked up to Harrison and he was willing to talk to me. He was nice and inviting. I told him my whole story and was vulnerable about some really personal fitness and eating habits. He never once judged me or made me feel like a failure or an inconvenience. During our training sessions, he was always kind and encouraging. He also is very focused and strict when it comes to your goal. He truly wants the best for you and busts his ass to help you reach your goal. There has never been a time where he wasn't a kind, supportive, judgement free trainer. I have lost 17lbs in the last 3 months


Harrison really is a great trainer and he is cool as f#@k!


Thanks Deedra.

kenny k.

BA (8).jpg

I started working out at NWFITCO in August 2020 without a trainer with minimal results. In November of 2021 I started working with Harrison after realizing that I needed a more structured workout. Harrison set me up with a meal plan and a workout schedule. I did not follow this meal plan right away, but he kept me accountable and persisted until I achieved results that proved the meal plan worked. I have lost 72lbs to date. I’ve lost 8 inches in my waist, 3 inches in my chest, and 2 inches around my shoulders. Harrison has been a huge help customizing my workouts around my pre-existing injuries, while still obtaining the results I wanted. I initially started working out because I was becoming unable to do the activities that I loved the most.


Since working out my energy levels are better, stress level has lessened, and my outlook on life has taken a turn for the better. I now look forward to my workouts and how good I feel after each one. I’m in my second GYFT challenge, which has been a great motivator for my weight loss as well. Harrison is an extremely positive trainer who pushes me and remains positive even when I am not so positive. Part of Harrison’s program is to keep a log of my workouts and food. We review this log together monthly and reset my goals as needed. This has helped immensely in my weight loss journey. I would highly recommend Harrison as a trainer, regardless of your fitness level. He is a great motivator. All that it takes is to be willing to start and a great trainer like Harrison.


I have been working out regularly for years, and I can confidently say that I have never had as good of results as I did working with Harrison.

Harrison is the perfect balance of accountability and support. He is always willing to answer any questions I have and went out of his way to make sure I achieved my goals. He was always understanding when I had something going on in my personal life, but never let me take it easy. He always encouraged me to give a 110% effort both inside and outside the gym. He made me excited to workout again. He introduced new exercises and different styles of workout that I had never considered or known about.

He was always approachable and answered any questions I had, without judgement. He helped incredibly with how I was training as well as my form. Before Harrison, my back always used to hurt after squatting, which ultimately made me not do them out of fear of injury. He was patient working with me, starting off slow, and now I can squat without pain. There are so many exercises and movements he helped me on, that I could turn this into a book.

I am so thankful for everything Harrison has helped with. I truly feel like I gained a mentor who opened my eyes to what I could achieve in fitness by making small changes and focus. He was always willing to tell stories from his own fitness journey that I found both helpful and inspiring. If our schedules were more aligned, I would train with him everyday. I cannot overstate how much he helped me. After my time with him, I was able to gain about five pounds of muscle and lose 20 pounds of fat. Harrison is by far the best trainer I have ever had. Thank you so much for allowing me to have the time to train with him. Saying Harrison helped me to become a better athlete is like saying the horse helped humanity travel.

I hope one day I can train with him again. No one could ask for a better trainer.

 Denise b.

I wanted to pass on my experience with Harrison.  It has definitely been positive!  I am a long-time gym user and was working out on my own four to five days a week already.  Despite exercising fairly hard and eating clean I was stuck and just maintaining.  Being in my mid-fifties I figured that was just how things would be going forward.  I had accepted that I would stay where I was.  A knee injury had also ended my ability to run, so I thought I just could not get back into the shape I was in my younger years.  I was comfortable “doing what I was doing”.  Harrison got me past all that!  With his guidance and holding me accountable, I am down ten pounds and have nearly reached my goal of 15% body fat.  He has gotten me out of my comfort zone and taught me the importance of doing a wide range of movements and activities in the gym.  He has shifted my focus to overall strength, and proven that my fitness level can improve even if I can’t run. The changes he had me make with nutrition have been paying off as well.  Best of all, I am having so much more fun at the gym and am pushing past my fears of trying new things.  Thanks Harrison!

brandie j.


My weight loss journey started about 8 years ago when I was seriously injured at work. I needed knee surgery but because of my weight (I was 330lbs.) I didn’t qualify for the procedure. I ended up on L & I for the next year. I then had time to go to the gym and start working out and losing the weight so I could get my knee fixed and get back to work. I joined the YMCA in 2015 and would go swim 5 days a week for about 2 hours a day. I did this for several months until I lost enough weight to get the surgery. After surgery, I continued swimming to help rehab my knee and continued to lose more weight. I finally lost 105 lbs. then I hit a plateau and was stuck at 225 lbs. for the next couple years.


Then in December 2020 I was assaulted at work and had injured my right knee this time. This was the bad one, I needed a total knee replacement this time. So, June 2021 I had surgery and was now on my way to recovery. I did rehab for several weeks and then returned to work. I continued to go to the gym but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Finally, I was frustrated and began looking to get back into a gym that was close to home. I remembered I had gotten a call from someone at NWFITCO asking if I was interested in joining and I had gotten a flyer the year before but wasn’t quite ready yet. Finally in September 2022 I went into NWFITCO and talked with someone about a membership. I told them that I was wanting to lose weight and have a more structured workout plan to help me achieve my goal. That’s when I was paired up with Harrison, he’s

freaking awesome by the way!

On our first meeting we talked about what I have done in the past to lose weight, nutrition, my workout habits, approx. how long it would take and how many times per week I needed to meet to reach those goals. I chose to meet with him twice a week, and it has been the best decision ever, you can never go wrong with investing in yourself. It has since been 3 months that I started training with Harrison and I have already lost 32lbs and counting. I am super excited to see what I lose in the next several months and I am currently signed up for GYFT next month to see how much farther I can go. And I am positive I will reach my goal in no time with Harrison’s help and guidance. He is always encouraging, motivating me and continues pushing me to my limits. He is truly an amazing trainer, and I could not have reached these goals without him.

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