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Hi! I’m Cassandra.


Before I became a certified personal trainer, I trained as a dancer in ballet, jazz, musical theater, hip-hop, breakdance, and contemporary since the very young age of 2 years old. Throughout my dancing career, I have trained extensively in the Los Angeles & New York area. During these years I had the chance to work and dance with New York City’s Radio City Rockettes, Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), Stephen “Twitch” Boss (The Ellen Show), and Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms).  I also had the chance to make television appearances on programs such as MTV, Disney Channel, and Lifetime. 


Although dance at one point in my life was my entire career, that all came to a halt when I faced a torn ligament injury in my ankle resulting in a major surgery. This injury eventually led to me gaining 80lbs. Not only during this time did I struggle with self-confidence (I went from being active my entire life, to absolutely nothing due to a lengthy recovery), but also taking the time to reevaluate who I was outside of my dancing career (what was once a huge part of my life).


Right when I least expected it, my whole life changed for the better. I slowly started to shift my focus on building a more stronger and motivated version of me. This new mindset I developed during this stage of my life, eventually led me to losing not only the 80lbs I had originally gained, but breaking new weight-lifting personal records at a new low weight. During this time period I made it my goal to not only dedicate time everyday in studying to become a certified personal trainer (ISSA)  but also expand my knowledge in the field so I can help future clientele achieve their goals they once thought they would be incapable of achieving! 


I am a firm believer that whatever you put your mind to, no matter what obstacle that may be thrown in your path, with the right mindset, courage, and discipline, there is nothing you are not capable of!

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