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I first met with Cassie about a year post partum in October 2023. I was in a toxic relationship with food, exercise, and my body. I told myself my body did not belong in a gym, and I should be embarrassed of myself. By the end of the first meeting, we were both in tears, and I knew she was the one I needed to work with. I had a PT test coming up with the Air Force and had come to accept that I wasn't going to pass it due to being overweight and out of shape. Cassie pushed me to get out of that mindset and tell myself I CAN, and I WILL pass it.

She worked with me and challenged me, and gave me a safe space to struggle and succeed. I passed my PT test in November only 1 month after starting with Cassie, and so far, I have lost 10 lbs of body fat. I'm so excited and motivated due to the dedication and guidance from Cassie during this process I can't wait to see where I go from here.

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