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I am Sharad Adekar, a Physician by training and working as Medical Chair Lead at WCG. Shan Shan was incredibly helpful to my fitness journey; I simply could not have done it without her. When I first started going to the gym I was intimidated by the environment. Let me tell you that i am the kind of person who had no prior experience of Gym training. I was not even able to do just one push-up. There were so many machines and so many people that it was a little overwhelming. Through signing up, I was paired with Shan Shan to start my fitness journey.

After my first body scan, I discussed my fitness goals with her. I had one thing in mind: to lose weight and develop strength. With that goal, she helped me achieve it by giving me the best advice. Through our workouts at the gym, she helped me build confidence and strength at the same time. Additionally, she told me diet was a major key for weight loss and helped influence my eating decisions. Every month I did a scan, body fat percentage went down and my overall health went up. She constantly motivated me throughout the entire process and consistently proved to be the best trainer I could've ever asked for.

With her continuous motivation and well-guided training sessions, I lost about 35 pounds in a year. My body fat went down from 39.2%  to 26.1%  and my visceral fat percentage went down from 17 lb to 7 lb. I've never felt better, and I have her to thank. She is one of the most talented trainer and sometimes she is tough which motivates to achieve goals. The entire atmosphere and team are great, pleasant, and very helpful.  I love coming here! Thank you Shan Shan for all your support.

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