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Cassandra is the absolute best trainer I have ever worked with! She has the ability to adapt to your wants and needs to better your overall health. Cassandra has a saying, "You are going to hate me and Love me at the same time,....are you ready for this?"! The things she says are so true, She has taught me to be humble while training, " Form is everything, don't worry about how much you lift. You will get strong in time the right way"-Cassandra Rose. Cassandra always has a smile and the energy that will put you in the mood to do the best you can even though you don't want to! She even has advanced knowledge of nutritional matters.

Her HIIT classes are simple, fun, and challenging at the same time. " Show me that you want! Keep pushing yourself if you want it"! -Cassandra Rose. You better make sure that you bring water, a towel, and some electrolytes, you going to need it! While being under her wing, I lost fat percentage and gained muscle! I have more energy than ever before! Thank you so much for all you have done and are still doing for me!

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