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I have been training with Eric for a little over a year. He is a good listener and I feel as though I am able to express my thoughts openly to him. He really helps me understand what I’m doing and why I am working on a particular exercise. Plus he always believes I can do more than what I believe I am able to do. For example, when I don’t think I could squat any lower, he says “lower” and somehow I manage to do it! I feel much stronger and can lift more than I ever thought I could. When I don’t think I can do a particular exercise, I have learned to continue and push through or if it’s hurting, he’ll modify the exercise for me. His training, and keeping me consistent, has really helped. I am able to balance better (not perfect yet) with our workouts focused on core and stability.


He has taught me a lot when it comes to food intake and supplementation. Although a little snack like popcorn isn’t necessarily bad, I have learned that even those calories can add up quickly and make a difference on the fat loss journey. I have also learned how supplements are vital to reaching and maintaining goals. Now I never miss taking them.


Working out is about more than physical fitness. When I don’t feel like working out and decide that I am going to push through it, I’m always glad I did it because it clears my head and takes away stress. I’m at the gym for other classes as well as personal training sessions with Eric. He makes me feel comfortable at the gym and will listen to anything, even my horrible jokes! 


One of the most memorable moments during our time training was when I won the participation award in GYFT. We worked out prior to the finale and he said he really noticed I had a waistline! I didn’t think I had lost much weight but I was down over 17 pounds! I really enjoy seeing my body transform and lifting heavier weights. And when I do exactly what he recommends, I see the results!

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