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I have been training with Eric for about 5 months. I am so much stronger now and my endurance has improved to the point that I can do several hours of yard work without injuring my back. Last weekend I was planning on going on a 3 or 4-mile hike that turned into an 8 mile hike because of a couple of wrong turns. In addition to that I have noticed a drastic improvement in my balance.


Eric is informative and breaks down each exercise, movement and shows proper technique while explaining which muscles are (or should be) engaging in each exercise. He is well prepared and plans out his sessions to get the maximum benefit of the movements in progression, to efficiently work muscle groups or full body. He is super supportive. He always asks how I am doing and how I am feeling and looks for small tips that I can focus on to make progress toward my goals. He encourages me when I am doing well and he pushes me just the right amount. He gets me to do extra reps when I don't think I can. He allows open and honest dialog and makes training fun. He understands the challenges women face - or the challenges I face with age - and acknowledges them without allowing me to give up. He calls me out on my excuses with just a look that lets me know he isn't buying what I am selling, but doesn't make me feel bad about it. Eric is a combination trainer/therapist/mentor/cheerleader/coach.

He helped remind me that I am an athlete and it really struck home with me. I had been an athlete most of my life but had decided that part of my life was over and that now I was more of a participant. But when he told me that, I went right back to the athlete mentality and Eric was my coach. He has provided the strategy and instruction and I executed his direction, or at least tried to, with every movement. I had a fire in me when I was an athlete and I need to remember that I still am one. Eric saw the athlete inside of me, even when I couldn't.


He has helped me learn that food is fuel and that food intake is the most important thing when it comes to weight loss. And the supplementation he has recommended helps me get all the proper nutrients that my body needs to run better and recover quicker. I pay attention to what type of food I am putting into my body and not just the calories. 

Physical fitness is just part of the equation though - I have a more positive outlook and more energy too. I wore a 2 piece swimsuit for the first time in my life last weekend, so I would say that I have a lot more body positivity than when we started training. He has also connected me with other like-minded supportive women to create a really cool workout group that I really look forward to. I wish he could work 24/7 and replicate himself so that he had more training sessions available. 

My relationship with Eric is serious when necessary but also lighthearted and fun. He makes me excited to workout, because it is an enjoyable experience while also extremely challenging. I know that he really wants to help me succeed.


Eric is such a great trainer and is in such high demand that I wouldn't want to recommend him because he would be too busy.... but yes, I would definitely recommend him as a personal trainer.

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