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I began training with Eric and am still training with him twice a week. He is like a Physician/Counselor Personal Trainer!  He listens well, he is kind, thoughtful, and mindful of his client’s needs and goals and strives to help his clients achieve their physical goals with a focus on crafting workouts that increase mobility, power, speed, and strength. He understands my personal goals of strengthening my core, gaining more muscle, and reducing fat and has helped instruct me on how to eat right, train the right way, and maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. I used to be inconsistent with supplements. But now I am taking the proper supplements at the correct times. 


Eric is constantly giving me the push I need over the edge. He understands the mental roadblocks, like plateaus that challenge me or temporarily keep me from reaching goals and is constantly asking me questions to make sure I am aware of those roadblocks. I was participating in a Gyft challenge and had been working hard and when I weighed in and had actually gained weight - I almost cried, I was so upset! Eric counseled me on several reasons why I could have weight gain. He then went over nutrition with me and even gave me examples of how female hormones play a part in weight fluctuation using his beloved wife’s experiences. He put me through a vigorous workout, gave me a pep talk and off I went! Two weeks later at the next weigh in I had dropped over 12 pounds!


Not only has he crafted the right nutrition and training program that has helped me reshape my physical self and mindset, but he has prepared me to achieve the lifestyle goals I desire. One of the best things about him is that he really truly cares about his client’s success.

Before I started working with Eric, I was unable to perform movements like squats and lunges. He incorporated mobility and stretching exercises, which included stretching exercises which helped loosen up my tight joints and muscles. Now I am able to perform full movement squatting and lunging exercises. And while I have always been strong, my strength has increased substantially since working with Eric. We have worked on high intensity interval training in conjunction with heavier weight training that has challenged me to work harder and push myself. I feel like my physical strength and endurance has doubled since working with him which has helped me to develop strength, muscle tone, and an increased metabolism.


Although I would love to get to my fitness goals in one day (which I often complain to Eric about) his style of training has helped me achieve some monumental goals in my struggle to lose weight and get in the best physical shape possible. My body fat percentage is down dramatically which has helped me avoid Type 2 Diabetes medication all together. At 53 years old, I look and feel amazing. I went from a xl large to a medium and lost over 40 pounds. I have increased energy and stamina, which helps me maintain an active lifestyle.


Eric is like family - we have a great time during our sessions. I could not have achieved the success I have without his support and help. Because of that I am more accountable to myself and have more discipline and in addition have found comradery amongst other gym goers by participating in GYFT.


I would absolutely recommend working with Eric - he helps his clients get results! It has been worth every penny to have him train, coach, and advise me on living a healthy lifestyle. I am stronger, healthier, and happier than ever!

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