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My weight loss journey started about 8 years ago when I was seriously injured at work. I needed knee surgery but because of my weight (I was 330lbs.) I didn’t qualify for the procedure. I ended up on L & I for the next year. I then had time to go to the gym and start working out and losing the weight so I could get my knee fixed and get back to work. I joined the YMCA in 2015 and would go swim 5 days a week for about 2 hours a day. I did this for several months until I lost enough weight to get the surgery. After surgery, I continued swimming to help rehab my knee and continued to lose more weight. I finally lost 105 lbs. then I hit a plateau and was stuck at 225 lbs. for the next couple years.


Then in December 2020 I was assaulted at work and had injured my right knee this time. This was the bad one, I needed a total knee replacement this time. So, June 2021 I had surgery and was now on my way to recovery. I did rehab for several weeks and then returned to work. I continued to go to the gym but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. Finally, I was frustrated and began looking to get back into a gym that was close to home. I remembered I had gotten a call from someone at NWFITCO asking if I was interested in joining and I had gotten a flyer the year before but wasn’t quite ready yet. Finally in September 2022 I went into NWFITCO and talked with someone about a membership. I told them that I was wanting to lose weight and have a more structured workout plan to help me achieve my goal. That’s when I was paired up with Harrison, he’s

freaking awesome by the way!

On our first meeting we talked about what I have done in the past to lose weight, nutrition, my workout habits, approx. how long it would take and how many times per week I needed to meet to reach those goals. I chose to meet with him twice a week, and it has been the best decision ever, you can never go wrong with investing in yourself. It has since been 3 months that I started training with Harrison and I have already lost 32lbs and counting. I am super excited to see what I lose in the next several months and I am currently signed up for GYFT next month to see how much farther I can go. And I am positive I will reach my goal in no time with Harrison’s help and guidance. He is always encouraging, motivating me and continues pushing me to my limits. He is truly an amazing trainer, and I could not have reached these goals without him.

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