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Before I started my training with Harrison, I had already started my fitness journey.  I had lost a ton of weight. (89lbs) and just wanted to tone up. I have always been intimidated by the gym. I went in one day and decided I would check out the training program. I walked up to Harrison and he was willing to talk to me. He was nice and inviting. I told him my whole story and was vulnerable about some really personal fitness and eating habits. He never once judged me or made me feel like a failure or an inconvenience.

During our training sessions, he was always kind and encouraging. He also is very focused and strict when it comes to your goal. He truly wants the best for you and busts his ass to help you reach your goal. There has never been a time where he wasn't a kind, supportive, judgement free trainer. I have lost 17lbs in the last 3 months


Harrison really is a great trainer and he is cool as f#@k!


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