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I'm writing this letter to you following my several months of using Harrison as my personal trainer and as my GYFT coach.  First, I had never used a personal trainer before so I didn't quite know where to even place the bar.  I've played competitive sports into my early 40's (pitcher for adult/Sr. baseball leagues, Sr. World Series, etc.), but I've also been in Medical Sales since 1987 and my career hasn't allowed me to spend a lot of extra time in the gym.  But I signed up along with my wife for this past GYFT session and got to work with Harrison.  My first impression was that he was very interested in my goals, my current health (torn rotator cuff, knee replacement, ruptured (but stable) C5-C6 disc), and he designed a plan that took each of those issues into consideration.  He laid out a plan to "reign in" some bad eating habits and offered supplements to enhance my goals with regards to my high blood pressure. 

He was very diligent in his follow-up with me to make sure I was staying on track, and he always had a very positive, enthusiastic attitude!  My goal for GYFT was to lose 30 pounds, and I ended up losing ~26 pounds - and I'm very happy with that.  (My wife and I will sign up for the next GYFT session too!)  Although I had only committed to 3 months of personal training with Harrison, my goal was to get a kick-start in my home CV workout regimen, and especially my eating habits.  Harrison got me started on intermittent fasting, and it has really helped!  I've been able to discontinue one of my blood pressure medications and am not far off from being able to stop my remaining one completely!!  


I could go on, but I'll just say that Harrison was the best fit for me as I've begun looking more closely at my health (57 years old), and he was a fantastic accountability partner for me in my journey.  I'm grateful to have had him as my trainer and would recommend him to anyone! 

Thank you! 

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