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"I’ve been working out at NWFITCO for almost two years now and have lost 65 pounds in that time. My most recent goal has been to gain muscle and definition: that’s where Harrison came in. We have been working together for a month now and and not only has he taught me various workouts and the importance of fueling my body, he’s held me accountable and encouraged me along the way. 


Harrison has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life. He came up with a meal plan for me where I consume the calories that my body needs to reach my goal.


The progress I’ve made, in all aspects, is so rewarding and exciting. 

Harrison pushes me to my limits and although I complain and whine, there hasn’t been a single session where we haven’t laughed. He’s such a great trainer and I encourage anyone who needs any help reaching their goals to book him for a session!"

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