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I have known Harrison since the Summer of 2021. I have always witnessed him being extremely

professional, punctual, transparent and trustworthy with his job. The best thing I like about

Harrison is that he is always re-verifying his knowledge, his work, and his training style to suit

his client’s needs and goals; is ready to do research on any new approaches or supplements

that is needed and always there with an open mind to learn more to work with his clients.

On January 2023, I was in a transition, looking for a new coach; I have noticed Harrison’s

training styles that he applies to his client’s training- which focuses both on strength training

and cardiovascular exercises. Before having him as my trainer, I overheard Harrison talking to

his client with deep concern during their workout session, advising them with multiple ways to

cook chicken along with rice and a few spices in a rice cooker on a busy day so that he/she can at least have nutritional food even in busy days. As a busy working woman, I had never thought

about cooking my chicken and rice that way.

Went back home, and tried it, it was awesome, wholesome, nutritious and time-saving. His aspect of training style and his way of suggesting healthy living options to clients even on the busiest day directly resonated with my busy lifestyle and my training style. I reached out to the fitness director on February 1 st 2023, and requested to have Harrison as my new trainer.

Harrison was very easy to communicate with. We were able to quickly schedule our first

meeting on February 11, 2023 and my life has been wonderful and stress-free ever since. As I

grew to know him more, he has displayed his best professional ethical values, extensive

credibility on his Subject matter expertise and expressed his caring nature by keeping in touch

and checking up on me while I was out for my surgery or even out sick. Training with Harrison

has made me realize that I have finally found my soul-settling coach, who is so kind, relatable,

flexible, forgiving and approachable, deeply knowledgeable with variation of exercises and

nutrition to suit each of his client’s lifestyles.

I was in a phase where I was sick a lot and had lost so much of my strength and self-confidence. I stopped feeling good about my body, which was affecting my mental health too.

Training with Harrison had given me an opportunity to explore various ways to exercise that I

had not tried before. The atmosphere he creates during our training sessions are always warm,

exciting and challenging. What I love the most is that even though he has laid out a workout

routine for me in the app, he introduces me to different exercises most of the times when we

meet, this gives me an opportunity to try out my normal routine workouts on my own, challenge

myself and be accountable. Harrison has motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and try

new workouts and focus equally on different group of muscles.

I started feeling so much better physically and mentally after Harrison started training me.

Gained back my confidence in myself, which has given me strength to plan for a parenthood life

with my husband. Harrison and I sat together and discussed the challenges that I might face during early phases of my pregnancy, and came out with a plan on my workout routines and my nutrition. The personalized workout program and nutritional goals that Harrison had designed for my pregnancy phases have helped me reach my goals to stay active and eat healthy. For those mothers/mothers-to-be, we all know how hard the 1st Trimester is, not having any energy and the morning sickness that lasts all day. It was hard for me just like it was/is for you, working out is the last thing on my mind. But Harrison made sure that I am working out at least twice a week and tracking my food no matter what I eat. He did not set any fixed boundaries on nutrition, but just asked me to track everything I ate. Believe it or not, tracking my food (good or bad), helped me make wise decision on the type of food I ate. It made a huge difference on my mental state.

By 12th week, I had started getting a bit of my energy back, which allowed me to do strength

training at least 3 times a week and cardio at least 4 times a week. I guarantee that if I had not

worked out twice a week and had not tracked my food during my 1st trimester as Harrison

suggested, I would not be able to have the confidence I have now. Because of his guidance

during my difficult times, I am now able to still strength train and continue with my cardio.

I am currently in the 2nd Trimester of my pregnancy. He has tailored a workout program keeping my needs and limitations in mind, which has helped me continue with my pregnancy with so much confidence and comfort knowing that I am in safe hands. Harrison is always on top of his tasks while he is training me, always on top of his research about if any movements weren’t safe.

I appreciate him reaching out to the CEO of Dotfit, asking them about their products and if it was

safe to consume while pregnant and doing researches on it for me. This showed how deeply

concerned he was about me/his clients and his willingness to go above and beyond for his client and their safety. I feel safe and comfortable training with him because I am confident that he puts me and my baby bump’s safety first, especially during this phase of my life.

The way he adapts his approach to suit my individual needs, preferences and goals, all I can

say is that I am excited to continue training with him during my 2nd and 3rd trimesterS. I am mostly excited to work on myself with him during my post-partum. I can most certainly guarantee that from the amount of research that he has done for my pregnancy workout training, he is almost to be the Pre-postnatal Strength training Coach and I highly recommend you have him as your coach, no matter which phase of life you are in. Trust me, the level of strength and safety I feel while training with him is Next Level!

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