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I first began my fitness journey in August of 2021 but it wasn’t until October that I was paired with Keoni. I had made some progress with my weight loss prior to working with him but it wasn’t until I trained with him that I really started to see change: both physically and mentally.


What I admire and respect most about Keoni is his commitment to his clients. He works so hard to give all of his clients the tools they need to be successful. Keoni tailors our workouts to help me meet my goals - he's always willing to make adjustments for my ability level, yet still pushes me to have confidence in myself and my skills.


Since working with Keoni, I have lost 13 lbs. of fat and gained 6 lbs. of muscle. I definitely have Keoni to thank for helping me reach many of my goals. I can’t sing enough praises - what he has done for me is hard to sum up with just words. I look forward to continuing our training sessions together and would recommend his expertise to anyone wanting to pursue personal training.

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