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Nearly nine months ago I joined NWFITCO and was immediately greeted and felt welcomed. After a few visits, it became clear that the culture of this place was much more than just stacks of weights and treadmills. This place has a foundation built around people first and their desire was to help those people reach their goals. About a month into my membership I was introduced to Shan Shan, who is one of the personal trainers on staff. I decided that it was time to challenge myself a bit and to change some of my bad habits around food and exercise. I had been working out for years but had reached a plateau and wasn't making any forward progress.

This is where Shan Shan came in to help me. We walked through some of my history, talked about my goals and she even helped me with a FREE workout session. I knew right then and there that I had to give this a try. Since that day, every session with Shan Shan has provided the promise of a push for betterment, conversation about healthier nutrition, reviewing of progress, and accountability. She also has a fun side that makes workouts enjoyable! That humor can help a lot when you're working hard to reach a goal.

I would highly recommend Shan Shan if you're looking for a coach that will challenge you, hold you accountable, and is willing to have fun along the journey with you too! I'm grateful that I joined NWFITCO and was introduced to their hardworking and wonderful staff.

Way to Go Shanolator!

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