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I began my fitness journey in February of 2021. I had several trainers before we were paired up with Shan Shan. Although I was starting to see some progress, it was hard knowing which direction to go with multiple trainers.

Shan Shan is like a breath of fresh air. We talked about where I wanted to go in regards to my training. She and I both learned from the same Taekwondo master so she understands my past training history and the drive and determination it takes. She has tailored my workouts to my abilities and understands that I enjoy being challenged. 

Since working with Shan Shan, I’ve lost almost 8% of body fat and gained over 5 lbs. of muscle, with a goal of gaining more. She pushes me, even when the motivation isn’t there. Her cheerful smile and bubbly personality just adds to that. I wholeheartedly would recommend Shan Shan, I have her to thank for my progress, I couldn’t have done it without her pushing me and her encouragement. I look forward to many more training sessions with her. 

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