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I joined a gym because I was 230LB and it seemed like I had no energy. I belonged to a different gym for a year. I was not losing weight or gaining any muscle. The trainer was just there for a paycheck. At least that is what it seemed like. Then I switched to Northwest Fitness Company. And here came Shan Shan Price. My first meeting with her was eye-opening. She asked me what my goals were. I said I would like to. She stops me by saying What? I changed it too. I want to. She stops me again. I said I was going to get my weight down to 185LB. Then she said that that was the attitude she wanted to hear.  

I started at 230lb and am at 194lb. My energy level is so much higher. I was not able to go out and work in my yard for very long. I have had back issues for years. Thanks to Shan Shan. I can work in the yard for hours on end. My yard looks so much better. I have been working on my back. To help with my sciatic pain. I used to have numbness going down my right leg all the time. My left leg was some of the time.  I now have a little pain in my right leg. And nothing on the left. It feels so great not having the pain or numbness. 

Thank You Shan Shan 

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