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it's a lifestyle: Shan shan and Angel s.

Angel S. has successfully been able to lose 36 lbs. of fat working with his trainer Shan Shan! Join us as we talk about mindset, Angel Syndrome, and the unique relationship between trainer and client.

How long have you two been working together?

BOTH: Since May!

ANGEL: Right now my goal is to get down to 170 lbs., I’m currently at 183. I started at 216!

Shan Shan, how have you been intentional about training Angel?

SHAN SHAN: Being straightforward and honest with him. Making sure that we’re not wasting time, being really intentional with cardio and making sure he’s performing exercises correctly.

Angel, how has nutrition been for you walking through this journey?

ANGEL: I mean, I have my days… sometimes my weeks. But I’ve been very intentional about not eating out, especially with fast food cravings: I’ll just cook food myself.

What’s been the biggest struggle of this journey so far for you?

ANGEL: Honestly, mindset. I’m more confident than when I started and I’m more on top of holding myself accountable. I live in Bonney Lake so I’ll come to the gym after work. I try not to be too easy on myself because giving myself too much slack got me to where I am now. You have to hold yourself accountable, the work isn’t going to get done for you! It’s all attitude. When I first started, I didn’t want to change! The membership consultant told me “If you don’t see yourself committing to this, then I don’t want you joining Northwest Fitness Company.” After that, I decided that I wanted things to change: and they have! My roommate got me to sign up, so now I’m badgering her to come in.

Has anyone in your circle been affected by your fitness progress?

ANGEL: They notice the work I’m putting in, they notice the changes, so I get a lot of positivity from them.

Shan Shan, what special things would you say Angel brings to the table?

ANGEL: She hypes me up!

SHAN SHAN: His attitude: most people grumble when I give them challenges but he says “Okay, you’re my trainer and I trust you, I’ll do it.”

ANGEL: She nicknamed a syndrome after me, actually!

SHAN SHAN: I did! That last rep, he would do half of it. I call it “Angel Syndrome,” it’s like running a marathon and stopping right before the finish line. You can put all of that work in, but for it to really count you need to push over that finish line. Finish the race!

Shan Shan, do you have any advice for someone who’s considering personal training?

SHAN SHAN: It’s something that everyone should at least experience at least once! There’s this stereotype about yelling personal trainers, and yes, sometimes we do need to push! But there’s so much more to personal training, there’s the critical aspect of accountability. We motivate people and help prevent them from just going through the motions. Intentionality is where results happen!

What’s your favorite part of your job?

SHAN SHAN: Well, I enjoy making people sweat *laughs* There was one day where Angel had a very rough week at work: he came to training and then messaged me after, “Thank you for being my trainer, thank you so much for doing this.” Being able to make someone’s rough day end on a high is my favorite part of the job! It’s why I do this.

Any closing thoughts?

ANGEL: Don’t have a temporary mentality. At the end of the day, it’s a lifestyle!

SHAN SHAN: I just want to acknowledge Angel’s progress! He’s lost 35 lbs. - 37 lbs. of fat mass and gained 5-6 lbs. of lean body mass. It’s just incredible!

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